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Ford 6.0L EGR Cooler Delete

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THE ONLY IN ON THE MARKET WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!! NOW CODE FREE* COLOR INSTRUCTIONS WITH OUR KIT ALSO!!!!!If you're building a 6.0L for serious competition or just every day use, this is a must have product. Here at Liberator Performance, where this kit is designed and tested on our own vehicles we guarantee quality and satisfaction.
This EGR Cooler Delete will eliminate the EGR connection from the exhaust to the intake manifold as well as the troublesome EGR cooler. This will help lower exhaust, intake and coolant temperatures and eliminate EGR related head gasket problems.
This kit includes:
New Passenger Side Up-Pipe With EGR Connection Removed
EGR Cooler Delete Tube and Clamp
Required Hose and Clamps
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In the diesel performance world, Ford 6.0L Power Stroke engines have a bad reputation for blowing head gaskets and sticking EGR valves when owners modify them. There are a number of reasons why people have problems with their modified 6.0Ls, but one of the main culprits is the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system.

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is a system of plumbing and valves on a gasoline or diesel engine that sends burnt exhaust from the engine back into the intake side of the motor to be consumed again. Theoretically, because EGR has already been combusted once, it has no oxygen or fuel in it to be burned again.

Engine designers use EGR as a tool to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOX) emissions that an engine produces. Nitrogen oxides come from high-combustion chamber temperatures. Yet, when EGR is introduced into the engine, it tends to displace the amount of oxygen available to burn. This lowers the combustion chamber temperatures and the amount of NOX coming out of the tailpipe.

For all intents and purposes, EGR is exhaust gas, exactly what you'd expect to see and smell coming out of your truck's exhaust system. It comes out of the engine hot. So before it is routed back into the intake, it is generally cooled with a heat exchanger connected to the engine's cooling system. Keep in mind that if the engine has been modified, the exhaust exiting the engine may be hotter than it should be. Plus, if there is any unburned fuel or oil in the exhaust, it'll wind up in the EGR system too.

The problem is that Ford didn't design its EGR system to handle the extra heat and unburned fuel that find their way into the EGR system when these engines are modified. The EGR cooler can even cause the engine to run hot as the super-heated exhaust from the EGR overwhelms the EGR cooler and causes the engine coolant circulating around it to boil. Boiling coolant isn't good for the engine. Not to say this is the only cause for 6.0L head gasket failure, but it is certainly a common one.
With this in mind, we headed over to Liberator Performance to talk to Shawn Liberator, who has a kit to remove the EGR cooler, and EGR in general on vehicles that will not be used on the street. The beautiful part of this kit is that it is a direct bolt-in replacement for the EGR cooler.With some general knowledge, it is completely doable. This kit takes a professional between four to six hours to install.

This is an off-road only kit, This is a very comprehensive kit where everything fits nicely and works well together. We then took the truck out and did some testing.

In most instances, the factory EGR system works during low to medium throttle and stops on full-throttle/high-demand driving. The difference without the EGR COOLER was noticed almost instantly as we came to our first hill. We were driving about 70 miles per hour between 1,800 to 2,000 rpm, and the truck lugged a little to get up the hill. But it didn't downshift. Normally, the truck would drop a gear to make it up this hill. In addition to having more low-end power, the exhaust temperatures dropped between 125 to 300degrees.

Another wonderful advantage of this upgrade is the lack of soot entering into our intake. Typically, soot builds up on the intake radiuses, which causes turbulence and eventually a reduction in horsepower. The soot also ends up getting into the engine oil. As the soot particles mix with the engine oil and eventually find their way through the engine oiling system, the tiny little particles cause the engine bearing to wear faster.

After we were done with our off-road testing, we were pleased to note that our 6.0L test truck never missed a beat. Best of all, we can now run the truck hard without the worry of boiling coolant or blowing headgaskets."


please call if you have any questions 717-249-4001

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Code: Ford-6.0 EGR Delete
Manufacturer: Liberator Performance
MSRP: $495.00
Price: $299.00

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